“India is Burning !” in Hall of Poets International Ezine, Jun-Jul 2016

One of my recent poems has been published in the ‘Hall of Poets International Ezine, Jun-Jul 2016’ , along with a group of talented people !

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Hall of Poets Ezine June - July 2016

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India is Burning !

Hey look ! Our mountains are on fire !!
The tapestry of greens all torn and mangled
Hundreds of hectres, a smouldering graveyard !

Hey silly, it’s up in the North..
A trifling little thing ..
What does it have to do with us ?

Good heavens! Can’t you see,
Those blazing flames torching the skies ?
‘Black carbon’ from the smog and ash
Sends mercury soaring; Melting the glaciers,
Polluting the rivers, Just as we speak !

‘Black carbon’ you say ? Never heard of it !
It should be nothing of consequence
What does it have to do with us ?

Look at those whimpering fawns, suckling the teats
Of a dead mother who braved the fire !
Those charred nestlings in agony,
Forced to be left behind by a scalded soul !
The palette of colours smudged grey,
An eerie silence drifts through the valley
Oh ! The raging inferno has spared none !

Your words make me sad !
Don’t you have anything better to say ?
After all, it’s so far away…
What could we have done ?

Cupidity of ever widening infrastructure,
The dams and the mines;
Quixotic plans of phenomenal growth,
Ruthless patrons of unabated habitat loss !
Rise in tiger numbers,
More fiction than fact, the experts claim !
Whilst it is this that the truth bemoans:
More tigers were poached in a single quarter,
Than the whole of last year !

You heartless creature !!
Millions die of hunger here
And you choose to cry over a striped cat ?
It’s just a minor little fact,
What does it have to do with us ?

The worst drought of the decade is here
Drying the wells, parching the land;
Even the fortune of the monsoons
Impotent to quench the thirsting land !
Killer heat waves on a spree,
Sweltering cities and blistering villages see
Unprecedented spike in temperatures as never before !

Oh yeah ! Just a minor bother,
Summers are hotter this year ;
Let’s buy an A/C , all shall be fine !

Our metros have turned,
Gyrating concrete jungles
Gagged with dust,
Choked with lethal fumes of exhaust;
Lakes fed by sewage, spew up toxic foams
No noteworthy drainage systems in place,
Floods, a disaster-in-waiting !

Oh yes ! That is so true !
But what can we do ?

As we speak the seas are surging
Inch by inch,
The rising tides gobble up the shore;
The land we call home,
Yours and mine, is waning forever !
Like a house of cards,
Our world is crumbling down!

Oh please ! please
Let us do something !

Oh well ! Perhaps we were held up
In denial, a tad too long!
For I can’t breathe, my friend,
Do hand me that bottle of fresh air !!

Stranded by Nature’s fury
Plans of millions will go awry
Who will save us from Her wrath ?
“For Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” !!!


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Nature, the Illusionist

The National Park of Abruzzo, Italy


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Cape glossy starling, Hellabrunn Zoo, Munich, Germany

Cape glossy starling Cape glossy starling

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A Riot Of Colour

Parakeet, Hellabrunn Zoo, Munich, Germany


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Neither A Tart Nor A Pie !

Sea Anemone, Hellabrunn Zoo, Munich, Germany

Sea Anemone

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Mid-morning Siesta

Seal, Hellabrunn Zoo, Munich, Germany

DSC00113 (2) DSC00115 (2)

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Captivating Even in Captivity !

Red Ruffed Lemur, Hellabrunn Zoo, Munich, Germany

DSC00209 (2)

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Freedom Seems Far

Puma, Hellabrunn Zoo, Munich, Germany

DSC00311 (2)

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Caged For Nothing

Gorilla Mom and Child, Hellabrunn Zoo, Munich, Germany

DSC00307 (2)

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