My Sixthth Anthology – Magee Park Poets: 2017 Anthology

Magee Park Poets Anthology 2017


Delighted to be part of Magee Park Poets: 2017 Anthology, an international anthology of poetry.

This anthology published by Aionios Books is a distillation of many lives, the echoes of many voices both within the local community of North San Diego County and in the community of poets around the world. This book incidentally marks my first publication in the United States.

My Poem: ” Homeland

My Role: Contributor

The anthology is available for purchase from Amazon


When I am Gone

When I am Gone - Minds Journal

End of a dreary day,
Tread weary with grief
As you mount the portico stairs
Would you, my darling, sense
My aching soul brimming with warmth
Rushing to greet you as I always did
At that familiar click of the lock
Longing to plant a tender kiss on your high forehead
On which pain has now carved wrinkles o’ so grim
Would you with quivering fingers fondle
That strand of hair lodged
In my purple sweater still hanging by the door
Would you then in woe toss yourself
On that well-worn couch on whose cosy bosom
We weaved dreams of love on many a Sunday noon
Stroking in vain the velvety fabric,
In hopes to feel my warmth one more time
Wine poured out of habit, in two glasses;
Swallowing hard the sorrow
That lumped up in your throat,
Would you with glistening eyes seek
Fringes of my gown in the scarlet swirl
Would you let the howling wind
Play with the window drapes and whisper
In your ears – Hey wayward Death,
What thou shall part, thou shall unite!

Would you in your dreams
Hug me tight my love
To keep memories warm, until we meet
Across the bridge of forevermore!


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As we share a cup of steaming tea

O’ so warm, on a rainy day

Train of droplets slithering down

To lock their lips on a glassy pane


Rising up the browny brew,

A film of vapour twirls and swirls

A dance of intimacy that holds us tight

A solitaire of silence in your eyes


To read the full poem, click here 


My 4th & 5th Anthologies

My 4th & 5th Anthologies are available for purchase from Amazon.

More details of my anthologies can be found here.

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What a Wonderful World !

What a wonderful world If everone was as treasured in life as in death

Why do you write ?

Why Write

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Winters are inevitable in life …

What matters is what you make out of it …

Wrinkle crinkle and perish;


Flaunt the scars with pride,
And bloom all over with renewed vigor !

Wish You A Happy New Year !

May you have the strength to break the shackles of routine
May you have the will to rise above the mundane

May you tread, off the beaten paths
Collecting pearls of learning, on your way

May you be somewhere, where you have never been
On the sun-kissed sand with windswept hair
Wading in the waves, wallowing in its ripples

May your eyes gorge on the ravines and chasms
Gaping in wonder at the snow-capped peaks

May you lose yourself in a well-crafted book
May you earn the love of a wagging tail;
The trust of a little child

May you pause, to watch a bud in bloom
May you feel the silence of the swirling snow
May the rain drench your soul and wash away the blues

May you pursue a passion for pleasure
Not for the riches, not for the glory
Just to keep you sane in a world insane

May you be blessed with a friend
Who will stand by you, no matter what
May your heart be treasured by the one you love

May you widen your mind a wee bit more
May the tears make you smile brighter
May the sorrows make your deeds kinder

May you have the courage, to do what you always wanted to
May you be brave, as the child in you!

This is my wish to you and self, this New Year eve!


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My Third Anthology – ‘Singing Together: Poems for Christmas’


Delighted to be part of Singing Together: Poems for Christmas, an international anthology of poetry.

Published by Dr. Fabrizio Frosini & the group Poets Unite Worldwide; edited by Fabrizio Frosini, Pamela Sinicrope, Kelly Kurt and Lawrence Beck; this anthology  contains contributions from around 60 poets from 31 countries –  Australia, Belgium, Bhutan, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Ethiopia, Greece, India, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Lebanon, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Uganda, UK, USA.

My Poem: ” I wish time to stand still 

My Role: Contributor

The anthology is available for purchase from Amazon


Selected poems from this anthology has also been released on Smashwords

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My Second Anthology – ‘The New English Verse’



I am delighted to be part of ‘The New English Verse’, an international anthology of poetry.

Edited by Suzie Palmer and published by Cyberwit.Net, The New English Verse is a celebration of loved ones past and present, an exploration into nationality, the trials and tribulations of technology, life-long love affairs, truth, saving the planet, haunted houses and the whole gamut of the ‘sweet and salty’ of life. Proud mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters adorn these pages; in addition to a courageous cancer survivor, a brave witness/survivor of war and many more intriguing characters from around the world.

You can read the full list of contributors here

The anthology is available for purchase from Cyberwit and from Pegasus Literary

Dedicated to My Grandmother, for a beautiful relationship beyond words


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