Mama! He is irritating me

What did he do ?

He is looking at me !

Five minutes later ….

Mama! He is irritating me

What did he do now ?

He is NOT looking at me !


About Me & Forever Free


A born and committed introvert whose written word is more eloquent than the spoken one. Finds solace in the splendour of solitude or in the depth of silence that accompanies the first snow. Prone to ecstasy at the sight of a wagging tail, the smell of an old book or the spectacle of approaching rains.

Come, join me in this journey !

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My Second Anthology – ‘The New English Verse’



I am delighted to be part of ‘The New English Verse’, an international anthology of poetry.

Edited by Suzie Palmer and published by Cyberwit.Net, The New English Verse is a celebration of loved ones past and present, an exploration into nationality, the trials and tribulations of technology, life-long love affairs, truth, saving the planet, haunted houses and the whole gamut of the ‘sweet and salty’ of life. Proud mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters adorn these pages; in addition to a courageous cancer survivor, a brave witness/survivor of war and many more intriguing characters from around the world.

You can read the full list of contributors here

The anthology is available for purchase from Cyberwit and from Pegasus Literary

Dedicated to My Grandmother, for a beautiful relationship beyond words


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My First Anthology – ‘Even in My Dreams: A collection of vegan poems’

From a self proclaimed writer/blogger to a contributing author…

I am proud to be part of this anthology, ‘Even in My Dreams’, which is a collection of vegan poems authored by several talented poets from across the globe.

For some one who adores books – loves to hoard, hug, kiss, smell & lick (well… almost 😉) books – to be part of a book, is just priceless !

And it couldn’t have been better timed! What a wonderful birthday gift !

Dedicated to –

My Soulmate:

The love of my life
Without whose soothing presence
Not just my pen, but my soul too
Would have simmered dry
A long while ago !

And to the two little men in my life :

For ensuring a constant supply of choices
To keep me on my toes all the while !
That priceless delicate kiss on my cheeks
For which i will do it all over again !


Even in My Dreams: A collection of vegan poems

(Publisher Emma Letessier, November  2016, Perfect-bound Paperback)




A collection of vegan poems from multiple authors from around the globe.

My Poem: ” The igloo calf “

My Role: Contributor


A beautiful volume of always touching, sometimes funny, and invariably accessible poems about why animals matter and why vegans stand up for them.” – Victoria Moran, author, podcaster, and Academy director: Main Street Vegan

All profits from this book go towards the Barefoot Vegan Farm & Animal Sanctuary – Read more about them at 

The anthology is available for purchase on Lulu 

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“Cocooned Verses” on The Minds Journal

A poem on me, by me   –  on the The Minds Journal 

Please consider rating the poem on their website


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Quotables !



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Kaunertal, Austria


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Spring in Fall

There is a Spring in every Fall;

Only if you choose to seek it !


Munich, Germany



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Rainy Fall

Munich, Germany


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“Homeland” in eFiction India Vol.04 Issue.10

One of my poems (Homeland) made its way to the current issue of eFiction India !

And this is what the editorial board had to say:

” Rekha, we like how your poem is like a travel review as well, descriptive and vivid evoking strong images. We feel readers will enjoy reading it as much as we did. We are happy to accept your poem for publication.”

eFiction India Vol.04 Issue.10

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