Delighted to part of The Feminine Heart of Poetry,  an anthology published by Dr Fabrizio Frosini and the group Poets Unite Worldwide.

This ‘All female Poets’ anthology is a collection of poems authored by talented female poets from across the globe.

Anthology - The Feminine Heart of Poetry- Poets Unite Worldwide-PaperbackAnthology - The Feminine Heart of Poetry- Poets Unite Worldwide - Ebook

Four of my poems have been included in this collection:

Do you know Maya?
Free, once again

Contributing Poets:

Leah Ayliffe, Anna Banasiak, Ghazaleh Bayat, Abhilasha Bhatt, Tom Billsborough, Kirila Cvetkovska, Asavri Dhillon, Fabrizio Frosini, Negar Gorji, Simone Inez Harriman, Birgitta Abimbola Heikka, Nosheen Irfan, Afrooz Jafarinoor, Seema Jayaraman, Hilal Karahan, Elaheh Abdi Langaan, Tatjana Lončarec, Enesa Mahmić, Nargess Mohammadie Majed, Mallika Menon, Mulitti (Mulatwa Mosisa Gari), Bharati Nayak, Madhumita Bhattacharjee Nayyar, Valsa George Nedumthallil, Rekha Padinjattakathu, Sunita Paul, Rini Shibu Pullampallil, Marianne Larsen Reninger, Tavgah Saeed, Kirti Sharma, Pamela Sinicrope, Nisha Sunny and Ann Christine Tabaka.

The anthology is available for purchase as a Paperback and Ebook from Amazon.

The details of my previous anthologies can be found here.

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