Too young to be old
Too old to be naive,
We, the thirties,
Reign the apex of life

We have savoured the elation of success,
Ah yes, a dream or two did come true…
Witless blunders and doomed failures,
Yes, we have borne them with grace !

Learn we did, not to fret,
To know better than to be overwhelmed;
For no grief nor joy,
Nothing is here to stay !

We have seen our love
Blossom in pink and in blue
And the lengths we go,
For a smile to grace those tiny little lips

We have suffered a little pain
Oh it did help!
To value pleasure more,
To cherish those trifling little things..

We nurse our share
Of many a treasured regret
Tutors par excellence,
Who guide us through, day by day

Sorry, we have long stopped trying
To get along with one and all
A zillion friends may be good to have;
But a few bright stars,
Would well light up the dreary sky!

We have learnt,
So often the hard way,
Life offers no certainties,
Lucid in black and in white !

Futile is our quest, of heroes and villains,
Whilst we people, come in all shades of grey;
Each of us, accept it or not,
A fine blend of the virtuous and the vicious !

We have grieved the loss of a loved one
Death, no longer a veiled apparition
Her daunting manifestations,
Sometimes brutal, at times benevolent !

What could be more diverse,
Than the Gods we kneel before
Or the faiths and ideologies we hoist ?
Yet, the Supreme irony !
Our lives, nonetheless,
Remain pretty much the same !

What greater proof fortifies
The folly of squabbles, to claim ours the best !
That we are all,
Strands of the same one thread !

Compassion to others is vital,
So is empathy to oneself
Life is only one,
A boon to relish !

As we gear up
To embrace the fabulous forties,
Let’s celebrate our sagacity to salute
The true blessings of the decade;

That coveted luxury : Time
Bountiful wealth of good Health
That great responsibility of Trust
That priceless gift, of Love !

All Rights Reserved        © Forever Free 2014


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