As a peal of laughter drifts in,
From the playroom up the stairs,
A bolt of fear sears my heart
To lodge as a lump, in my throat !

What would life unfurl
For the innocent little lives,
Theirs and the like, around the world,
To whom the promise of future belongs !

I ponder in vain, for a minute or two;
How long will I shield them,
From the horrors of this world ?
How long can I fabricate, those virtues
Spiralling on a speedy dwindle ?

Oh ! What can I do, as a mother of two ?
Children, yours and mine, will rule the world to come;
Let us vow, to give them as much love and more
That they would never feel the urge,
To douse someone else’s dreams !

All Rights Reserved        © Forever Free 2014


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