One day, rummaging through an old drawer
I might come across a pair of bright red socks

Images will flash before my eyes
Of wiggling toes and gurgling cuddles
Milky scents and toothless grins
Now long past…

I will miss then,
Those little fingers that fumble
Ah! Those baffling button holes!
Laces that prove mazes,
Belts that scoff and refuse to latch…

I will long for those crusted faces
That peep over chocolate bowls
Those tiny feet that dangle
Over the spread of crumbs below

Yearn I will, for my little prince
Who on his royal throne demands no less,
But a rapt audience,
On attending nature’s call

I will crave for those teary eyes that swear,
The magic of my healing kiss
The wizardry of my stroking fingers,
That ushers in the sleep fairy,
Every dusk without fail..

My snow-white walls, then spotless cold
Will crave for those muddy handprints yet again
Floorboards unsoiled, will
Ache for those myriad streaks of sand once again

I would realize then, how time slipped
Through my clenched fingers,
Grain by grain,
Way too fast..

Silence will drip from my soul
Monotony will fill my days
Creep down they will,
Drawing puddles of sorrow
That will engulf my life

One day I might stand beside that bike cast away,
Leaning on a nesting tree..
Those birdlings long flown away,
Now soar the seamless skies

No wealth or success ever will, my son,
Fill the space you will leave void
Yet seek you must, those beckoning horizons
Spread you must, those wings of dreams, long and wide,
Whilst destiny is largely, a solo flight afar.

Let me plant a tender kiss
And hug you tight tonight
For thank goodness my child,
That day is not today, Not yet ….

All Rights Reserved        © Forever Free 2014


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