Luminous sun lost in deep slumber,
Foul is that weather, the masses profess !
A sky overcast, oozes its own charm
If only, if only you would see !

The birds are quiet, buds droop in a trance,
Gushing wind ushers in news of joy
New born leaves quiver in anticipation,
Gurgling infants at their mother’s side !

A winter parched ground
Thirsts for life giving drops
Earthlings in solemn reverence await,
Elixir of life to be meted out forthwith !

Magic spell sprinkles down
From the wild blue yonder
All beings snuggle in awed rapture
Alas! We mortals remain inanely nonchalant !

Vernal showers come pouring down
Glistening greens in elation, glimmer and scintillate
Lo and behold, the ubiquitous opulence
Mother Nature in all her grandeur!

Come, Walk with me under that canopy
Of the luscious green and the flaming red
Tread not on the verdant green,
Emerald quilt inlaid with a zillion blooms

Squish we must through that dirt track
Fringed with a thousand shades of green
Weep not for those fallen blooms, a life well lived,
Bestowing sanguine dreams on many a wrinkled eye

A walk in the wild under a leaden sky
A day every dreamer would cherish
Oh! That distant clap of thunder,
Those boughs laden with droplets !

Perennial memories come flooding by
Of a monsoon drenched land where the peacocks dance
Pangs of grief grip my soul
I yearn for my land, miles and miles away!

All Rights Reserved        © Forever Free 2014


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