Of what use, that majestic mansion
Where the dearth of laughter looms.
Of what use, that pricy smart phone
When silence answers thy call.

Of what use, that zipping career
When a child forlorn, pines for thy hug.
Of what use, that pinnacle of success
When circles of guilt adorn thy eyes.

Of what use, that golden pen
When thy words exude not warmth.
Of what use, that pile of gems and jewels
If in those ebbing days,
The wealth of memories won’t see you through.

Oh Time ! That stealthy fiend,
The subtle thief of youth and health !
Slow it down, savour thy life !
The spring of life lasteth not forever.

Dance in the rain, Bask in the sun
Let those happy spirits reign !
Kiss your loved ones, hold them tight
For that promised morrow, might never be thine !

Of what use, this life
If all you do is just exist !

All Rights Reserved        © Forever Free 2014


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