I gaze at the withering snow
Tiny fingers laced in mine
Shimmering glory trickling down
To smudge and sludge on the streets

Minds entwined we sit and muse
Reveries of the past two weeks
Of cuddles, warmth and fondness
Of rapture, bliss and tenderness

 A sense of foreboding falters in
Melancholy ushers in gloomy days
Of mandates, decrees and dictates
Of duties, chores and deadlines

Almond eyes well with tears
The mother in me hides her tears
Hey! It’s no imminent doomsday that we fear
It’s just the end of Christmas break

Lest we forget; life is such a break
Which will come never again
A gift of God; use it well
I will die, so will you; let’s make a difference before we do!


All Rights Reserved        © Forever Free 2014


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