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Azhimala is located in the district of Trivandrum in Kerala, India.

A visit to Trivandrum? Here goes the itinerary… Kovalam Beach, Padmanabhaswamy Temple, City Zoo; Perhaps a quick trip to nearby Kanyakumari and Padmanabhapuram palace. That’s it! Tourists go back happy that they have covered their ‘To Do’ list. But believe me, Trivandrum has got much more to offer! Azhimala is one such place worth spending an evening. ‘Aazhi’ means sea and ‘Mala’ stands for hill, in the language of Malayalam. This spectacular union of the land and the sea is located near the famed Kovalam beach.

It was one fine Saturday morning during our carefree days, 2 years into marital bliss and a year or so before the arrival of children that we chanced upon an article in the ‘Hindu’ newspaper, describing Azhimala. What better day to explore the place than today?

It was the exact opposite of a bright sunny morning. It was raining quite heavily. A perfect day for an outing as we both loved the monsoons. After spending a week in the manicured air-conditioned offices, we craved to go wild during the weekends! We hopped into our Santro car and zipped along the rain lashed roads to this unknown destination, with the Hindu in hand for reference. We travelled along the Kovalam Bypass Road, passed Kovalam on the way and moved further on, to reach Vizhinjam, a famous sea port in Kerala. We took a left turn and proceeded down the road to Poovar, which in itself is worth a visit for a couple of days. There are various resorts in Poovar like Poovar Island Resort, Isola Di Cocco etc. More about Poovar later…

We saw a small board on the roadside which says ‘Azhimala Shiva Temple’. We took a right turn here. The road ends at the temple and the beach. The temple offers striking views of the ferocious (maybe due to the monsoons) sea lashing out at the hill on which the small temple is perched. Each wave seemed to compete with its predecessor, in meeting out its vengeance to the hill. With the rains to play umpire, it was a mesmerizing scene to behold; a stark contrast to the docile and timid seas of Kovalam. We took a detour around the temple through the vast coconut grove. The less trodden path led us to a tiny, but beautiful cove at the foot of the hill. We relived our childhood by collecting shells and playing ‘Catch me if you can’ with the waves. If you have never been on a beach during the rains, do add it to the ‘Ten things to do before you die’ list and come, experience the monsoons at Azhimala!


Like most of the places I write about, there is no crowd here, no shops and hence no food! Hence, be sure to carry your own food.

Azhimala is a small place worth spending an evening. A visit can be best planned along with a visit to nearby Kovalam or Poovar.

There is a popular resort here called ‘Nikki’s Nest’ (

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