A walk in the woods
Under the splendid summer sky
Is all that we hoped for
On that bright Sunday noon.

But Nature had a plan vile,
Blackening clouds unfurl
A howling gale ensue
All Omens herald, a spectacle to behold.

The fury of the wind whips up dust and twigs
The mighty pines sway the dance of death
Crashing down to their eternal sleep,
From towering heights above.

A squirrel in angst, salvages a hidden nut,
Amongst the flashes spurting down
Oh dear! The roar of Thunder ever so strong
Or is it Nature, clapping her hands in glee?

Cowering behind a wooden hut,
All four of us soak in the rain
Shivers running down the spine
The outcome of dread or cold, hard to say!

Do I regret the day?
Never in my life, I say
How could I? When She enthralls me so,
Even in Her ruthless act of wrath!

All Rights Reserved        © Forever Free 2014


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